Index of key posts

Here are some posts that are most worth reading.


2020 – ‘Bunker years’ and the use of time: lessons from a year-long medical semi-isolation


Photographs 1991-2017
Photographs 2018-2020


Some of my favourite poems [updated 27th June]

Two poems that I wrote a few years ago, one of them published – ‘She is as a dance in flight’ & ‘The eyes of children’


2019 The ThalamoSeq team project – an article about our research on how the centre of the brain is organised


2013 – Coffee with Kasparov

2018 – Telegraph article (Phillips/Phillips): Science holds the key to unlocking economic success [with comment by Alan Kay]

Memoir: A Semi-Monocular I

Some book chapters I wrote in 2015-2017 on early neuroscience

2019/2020 – Notes on research policy

April 7th 2020 – “Ethical dilemma: Should we allow people to volunteer to be deliberately infected with coronavirus to substantially accelerate vaccine development?”

May 2020 – Capture scientific black swans: research ecosystems need intellectual and structural diversity