The story of my unusual childhood, brain disorder, and why I became a neuroscientist is told here

I was trained as a systems neuroscientist at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. I was a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for Science and Technology April 2020-September 2022. I’m also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL.

This is a personal blog. All views on this blog are my own, and I avoid posting things directly relating to my work.

Contact: jamesphillipspublic@gmail.com

Some people I find particularly inspiring:
Witold Pilecki [link to blog post]:

“I tried to live my life in such a fashion that in my last hour I would look back and feel not sad but happy. In this realisation I found strength within me, from knowing that the fight was worth it”.
Polish resistance fighter Witold Pilecki upon the announcement of his death sentence at a communist show trial.

Hakuin Ekaku
Sydney Brenner
Ada Lovelace
Garry Kasparov
JK Rowling
Alan Kay
Winston Churchill
Meido Roshi