Zen: Omori Sogen biography “Art of a Zen Master” by Hosokawa Roshi

I recently found a pdf of an important biography of Omori Sogen, the most important zen master of the 20th century, at least in the Rinzai Lineage. Meido Roshi, my teacher, refers to it in this YouTube video. I encourage you to listen to if you are interested in Zen. Meido is in the lineage of Sogen via his Sogen’s Dharma heir Hosokowa Roshi (who wrote the book below) and then one of Hosokawa’s dharma heirs Miller Roshi after Hosokawa retired.

The book itself is hard to get hold of, and cannot be shipped outside the US, so I decided to post the PDF here in case it is of help.

I’ll post some notes later. Its a fascinating read about the life of an unusual zen master who spent most of his life as a lay person in the real world – most zen masters begin their training in their teens or early twenties (such as Meido).

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