Some book chapters I wrote in 2015-2017 on early neuroscience

In a previous post (‘Memoir: A Semi-Monocular I’) I posted a prologue to a book I was writing before I took up my current job. I wrote that prologue in 2018. Before then, in my early twenties, I’d been writing a quite different book, an overview of the science of neural circuits for a popular audience.

Writing the prologue, and some experiences I had in 2017/2018, made me completely change how the book was being written and largely changing the topic too, turning it into a memoir. But I was rereading some of the early chapters of the previous book and thought some of it might be useful to people interested in the historical origins of some key ideas in neuroscience. Chapters 2-4 especially.

So I’m posting those chapters from that now abandoned book here in case people find it interesting.

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