Two poems that I wrote a few years ago, one of them published – ‘She is as a dance in flight’ & ‘The eyes of children’

Both written about the same person hence the common themes, the second of which was published.

She is as a dance in flight

She is as a dance in flight, this dancing girl of hearts
Whose air of spring fills other days, then stays once she departs,
As feet as wings, caress our skies, with arms in spiral flows,
Gold light that grows, from her each step, brings warmth to us below.

She flew to me as poetry, in Christmas crafted words,
For in her rhyme-filled flourishes, new lover’s songs I heard,
That lit in me, my dreamer’s mind, red jewel dreams of her,
Once silent thoughts, so long asleep, her pirouettes did stir.

What sleights of time, her steps could find, a year lived in each day,
Yet how could I amaze her eyes, how could one match those ways?
That art she breathes, each line she weaves, to this my freed heart flies,
I flighted rhymes, to fight these doubts, and dance with her in skies.

Inflight we danced, her life’s motifs, so deftly she did show,
Yet past heart’s clouds, in time obscured, the steps we should have flown.
Thus I misbeat my wings this time, I could not fly as she,
So she, who is as dance in flight, for now has flown afree.

The Eyes of Children

The eyes of children watch and weave,
Of dreams and dragons, awake eyes see,
Their heads on necks spin pirouettes,
Each glance births new creations.

As rhymes to lines, they are to time,
Ensparkling all their eyes can find,
And with this gaze, as ballet feet,
They dance with all they chance to meet.

Use bobbing steps and baffled eyes,
To love and charm and hypnotize,
As wand-like fingers conjure play,
Their sky-turned eyes spell dark away.

Then sleep on backs, breathing star’s light,
Minds weaving dreams from loom of night,
Whilst adults sleep through days unseen,
Too oft we lack a single dream.

Since time gives age, and age gives weight,
Thoughts drag toward our grounded fate,
We learn of world and lose our spires,
And live from life recoiled.

Where they see dreams we wish for drink,
For fear of risk we cease to think
And ask ourselves what spires time took,
What heights we’d find if we’d but look
As children do, with widened eyes,
Flight dreams from night well past sunrise.

Now I’ll tell of one I knew
Who cured me of all drinking wish,
How I loved one once with eyes like these,
With flighted glance she so set free

Our hearts from binds yet placed her own
That kept us wed to what she’d shown
Us of her quirks, her airborne ways,
Those ribbons weaved into our days
To give us wings and dance in flight,
Fly through her world, and so ignite,
A dream to see as she with sight,
That finds in all new played delight,

Now as she flies and dances free,
I’ve learnt from her, that way to be,
Enraptured by all that I see,
And so my sky’s still filled with she.

Why ever wish for wine in me?

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